Surt Framework

Surt Framework is an advanced approach to software Development based on user experience methodologies, Service-Oriented Architecture and Domain Specific Language for Code Generation.

Basically it creates all layers a monolithic project needs and all services a distributed project also needs.
It uses .net platform and will can create new application entirely from User Interface, middle layers, services and Data Access to SQL Schemas and SQL statements.

For example, I design a set of XML Schema following SOA patterns and practices. After this the framework use the created schemas and builds all the files needed for UI, MVP layers, DataAccess layer, Entity Services and Task Services projects and layers.

This framework is target for critical application. It is a blue print framework which means not using the complexity of some known ORM Tools. It does prepare 80% of an application and SOA ecosystem so the software engineers can start work and adjusting the assets for their reality.

It is available for Download?
This framework is available for presentation only. It follows the idea of Software craftsmanship which has some expectation about develop blueprint software.

It is another tool for Software Factory?
No. The Software Factory and even the Agile Projects are an approach for standardization and barely touch concepts of economies of reuse. Surt Framework is based on Software Product Lines and deliver basic tools to maximize code and intelligence reutilization.

It is a tool or methodology?
Both. You can give any tool to any developer and they still produce complexity in their designs. With the Surt Framework, developers is forced to manage simplicity as first thought. Surt framework was developed to run away from complexity at heart. You know, if you code start to became complex is because you are mixing too much concepts and responsibilities in the same place.
We’re happy to say that this framework is based in some of our failures but also based in lot of victory and heavy research onto wide range of available design patterns.

This is a code generation?
Yes. And you can adjust it for your needs or you can have the idea to build your own with our help.
For example: Model View Presenter (MVP) is a basic pattern for multiple UI works, like build an User Interface for Web and for Desktop using same logics. But maybe you need MVC support, or maybe you have your Presentation Pattern. There’s no limit as you are required to be far way from complexity.

Ok. How about SOA, which support do you have?
The creation of standardized services layers. Because computer society is moving straightway to parallel computing, application has the advantage of two kinds of parallel work: parallelism on single OS process and parallelism by using multiple OS process on the same or remote machine. As well, SOA is vital principle for any modern enterprise that needs to be able to respond to the market quickly and stop the IT burden. No projects on smart organization is starting without taking SOA into account.

Where do I go from here?
We are happy to provide a demo of Product Line Software using Surt Framework studies in English, Spanish and Portuguese languages. As you wish We’ll provide a workshop to your company and help your team up.

Start now, send a e-mail to board @ bilbo . com . br – thank you;


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