• Lean Software Development
    Lean Thinking is a strong set of principles which will speed teams up and give them another
    vision about the coding and business. On this talking, I’ll explain those principles and let you know how people are working outside your company.
  • Scrum
    If your teams has basic scrum knowledge, I’ll be happy to share expertise.
  • Continuous integration & Agile Methodologies
    You’ll be briefed about the latest useful tools
  • Agile Modeling
    On this talk I’ll explain how the team can model a system together and explain the importance of the senior architecture.
  • Software Factory & Product Development
  • Design Patterns


  • Professional advice (Free)
    If you are knew to IT industry I’ll be very happy to answer your doubts. You can send an e-mail anytime.


  • Continuous integration
    I’ll customize a continuous integration server for your environment using free tools.
  • Software Factory & Development
    I’m willing to advance your working structure and team working on practical assets which leads you to true software factory, using architectures variations, automation and many other assets.
  • Design Patterns
    Most teams in the world knows of think they know what design patterns means but they struggle to really apply them in the day-to-day matters. So that, I can participate in your project inceptions and give you to your team an Pattern Language so they can working on and advance.

My services are available for the following places:

  1. Brazil and Latin America
  2. Europe
  3. North America

Last events

  • 01/04/2010 – Design SOA systems – Allen Informática – Brasil
  • 19/03/2010 – Software Facotories and patterns language – Allen Informática – Brasil
  • 16/03/2010 – Agile Methodologies with Scrum – SEFAZ/RJ – Brasil
  • 12/03/2010 – Agile Methodologies with Scrum – Allen Informática – Brasil
  • 10/02/2010 – Software Factory using ASP.NET/MVP for SAAS web products – Rubyus – Brasil
  • 15/11/2009 – Agile Techday – Invinted for discussion about managing agile teams and agile software engineering at the round table – Jornal O Globo – Brasil
  • 16/12/2008 – ASP.NET/MVP for distributing systems using Remoting services – Midia 3 – Brasil
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