Surt Framework

Has been three years since I started studies on advanced way to start software projects. This time gave me some authority on framework design using modern methodologies and simples technology that works!

I’ve been usin this research and some of the past projects I’ve done and now it became mature and I hope I can share it. Take a look at this page. It talks about what it is, technologies and some of methodology I use. I hope to increment details as the time goes on.

I’m so happy because I had migrated one poor enterprise software to a highly structure one, by changing usability, patterns, layers in few weeks working alone. Badly saying, migrating some 20 files (lists, froms, data screens) with lots of complexity to 50 files with simplicity, good usability, navigation, ajax, SOA Services. Users were amazed and they don’t know I did much more, with less people, no error, and the system works best.


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