SOA special day

Today is a really special day for me. I’ve passed (with honors) in the first soa exam S90.01. Also I was surprised with a perl over the internet: the book SOA with .NET and Windows Azure: Realizing Service-Orientation with the Microsoft Platform.

I really feel sorry for those who learned WCF wihtout any take time to understand service-orientation fundamentals and principles. But, still have time to try to recover from such mistake. And these books shows a brifly introduction to some service-orientation concepts while demonstrating how to implement in Microsoft Plataform – WCF, Azure, SQL Server and BizTalk.

Safari Books publishers offer a service which you can interact with book’s authors as they write their book, you can try it. As always postpone their book’s release to another Q(something of year something too) and never deliver new books, you may want to delight yourself by using Safari service’s “Rough Cuts“. What incredible!

I have not seen best WCF book. Actually, books with tecnology documentation only is waste of time, if want to be ahead in IT Industry. SOA with .NET and Windows Azure is the best WCF source of information. It really does a good job. Authors, congratulation for such nice work. I waiting for it.


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