Bouncing puppies for WSDL Contract First Approach

Ohh.. Bloody hell!! Contract First Approach or Not?  What about the common sense of proved advantages and what to do when we have infinite services to create and loads of business domains to take care of?

Lets take Tomas Erls books’s approach into account by imagining the following scenario:

– 50 Business Entity (which would compose something like 35 Entity Services)
– 5 Business Process (which would compose something like 10 Task Services and 10 Utility Services.

Have a look here and here and reflect about the scenario I’ve shown. To much code indeed and space for human mistakes. What about the work to convert WSDL into client and server code as shown here. That’s not simple, isn’t it?

Migration to a SOA ecosystem needs some sort Model Driven development and deal with contract-to-technology coupling if we want to things more quickly. We still need model and plan accordingly but we shouldn’t take so much time to write one or two service compositions. I know about SOA vendor option but in the first moment can be a good idea to trust a technology plataform.

Thus, I believe:

If we are within the boundaries of the enterprise or/and the services are not requested by many consumers, we may not need the contract-first approach but still need to care about governance.
if we need to communicate outside the boundaries of the enterprise, we need to do Contract-First approach so we can make sure we ‘re experience the partner experience in communication with us.

Thereafter, go with velocity!!


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