Skype Architecture is example of “consider the context”

Skype is a well know software for communication nowadays and uses Postgre database. Also, some of Skype’s employees are huge contributors to Postgre open-source project. They are a very example about keep essential business logic close to the data where it can work most efficiently. But this is balanced against limitations like difficulties with releasing, debugging and unit testing.
Skype Architect Sourav Mazumder in his article “Learnings from Five Years as a Skype Architect” talks about two things I would like to extend.

  1. One fundamental thing about being a system architect is consider about context where to you are in not in the context of your own preferences. Consider to use design patterns is a professional approach but most of time we need to adapt.
  2. His critic about SOA seems to have no fundamental wisdom about the topic. In fact, SOA is not about solving an everyday software engineering problems right the way. The presented example of company which was unsuccessful about adopting SOA, is classical example about wrong project planning. It has to be with communication not distributed computing embraced about services principles and tools. When he says that this fault is architect’s fault I could confirm that he seems someone which is complaining about something they don’t understand well giving examples. SOA could not be raised by a software architect only. Business people should jointly go in as SOA project leader would work with some consultant as facilitator. Again, the right skill and people involvement result in good communication or project failure.

In the end, I recommend to read Sourav Mazumder’s article. There’s a lot of experience to take from Skype Architect.


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