IT professionals in Brazil must now be registered

As lawyers, the Brazilian IT professional will need to be registered in a federal counselor. They will possess a number indicating has higher level degree and authorization to work in software development and all other areas. Time experience will be considered in the initial phase.

A lot of people were dreaming about it for more than one decade. Especially for the ones who went to university. It happens that many professionals changed the degree diploma for technical certifications in a day-to-day basis experience due to the market’s steam. And most of those professionals without high level education wages equally or more than the ones whose possess the high level degree.

Apparently for these reason it is common to hear people decreasing the importance of a high level degree in favor of an indubitable “competence” and technical certifications like Microsoft, Sun, CISCO among others.

Of course time and experience rule our professional’s lives but the timeline to be a good professional might be leaned after computer science or other bsc. degree’s course.
The certifications are important too. It demonstrates the professional skills to deal with certain technical product. But that isn’t enough to make you solid through this turbulent and changeable industry.

I have a similar post in portuguese language at Cairo Noleto’s blog.


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