Legacy applications today

Well… today it’s common to find muticore computer. Obviously much powerful than the ones from past decades.

Business at all levels has powerful muticore computers but I doubt that most transactional business application is prepared to advantage from this architecture and actually make use of all available resource.

Doing parallel system is quite different from doing multithread system. Even the latter one is very scarce. Such models need differents structure algorithms.

Now, imagine a service oriented environment, inside SaaS ecosystem. A little bit further you migth find a candidate main service. These one we’ll be requested from many different requestors. Would you imagine how busy it will be? There’s a lot to take advantage from parellelism and concurrence but most of applications developed at moment are already legacy ones.

If you want some abstract or academically thought, try this wikipedia or microsoft side of the force.
Also, Josh Phillips is doing a very nice job at his blog.


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