“Unable to find assembly”

A few days ago my service provider changed from windows 2003 32bit to 64bit. I’ve been in hell doing a lot of extra configuration to get my asp.net application working in the 64bit environment. In fact, no one less than the windows service could give so much problems. All about dll references…

I’ve got so many error messages and after going deeper, the last one was “Unable to find assembly”. Hell…

Google here and there… I found out that to work in 64bit environment, all .net projects has to be homogeneous regarding the target platform.

If the deployment environment is 32bit, it’s ok. You can do any mess and mix AnyCPU and x86 platforms types. But it the deployment environment is 64bit you may need to set up all your projects to x86 or x64.

But, why change to 64bit plataform? Gaurav Seth’s WebLog is nice guy which has answred I lot of my basic questions. Please, follow the links:

Cross compilation in the 64-bit .NET Framework world for platform specific features

Moving from 32-bit to 64-bit application development on .NET Framework

Is 64-bit a superior platform as compared to the 32-bit platform?


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