SOA in the Cloud

Cloud computing isn’t a new market term for selling. Some folks get it very negative but it shouldn’t be like that. Could computing is a form that involves the interaction of several virtualized resources, meaning that many servers are connecting and sharing information. It is a service evolution typically in the form of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), or software as a service (SaaS).

In software world, distributing computing gave us the first pass into the cloud computing. Without many pattern we used to build lot of staffs using Remoting, autonomous programs, etc.

Thereafter, service-oriented computing raises from distributing computing generation encompassing its own paradigms and design principles, design pattern, pattern languages, forming a distinct architectural model.

Enter the contemporary SOA, a new way for software architecture, enhancing efficiency, agility, and productivity of the business process. Bringing software development projects more close to real changing business world.

An SOA implementation may consist of a combination of technologies, products, APIs, supporting infrastructure extension establishing an environment suitable for solution logic obeying service-orientation design principles. Fit into this, cloud computing would advance SOA and maybe reduce costs if we think about paying resources on demand. In this case, resouces means services in SOA cloud environment …

That’s just a thought, there a lot of concern regarding backups strategies on clouding computing…



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